Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Outdoor Retailer W15 Day 1 Photo Album and Commentary: adidas, Hoka One One, Altra

As always an exciting first day at Outdoor Retailer. Full previews to come but here is a taste of what I found. Most models illustrated will be available Summer-Fall 2015. 

SpeedGoat was the star of show so far.  9.7 oz. Vibram outsole. Flex grooves. 28mm forefoot /33 heel. $130, July. I have now run and reviewed the SpeedGoat here.
Hoka One One Speedgoat

SpeedGoat Vibram Outsole, Flex Grooves, Cut Away outsole.

Hoka One One Speedgoat
 Lacing further down towards toe as with Huaka

Clifton 2
Not a huge update. Padded tongue and collar. Firmer toe cap. More overlays. A bit heavier at 8.3 oz.  One reflective color way for men, and one for women. I have now run and reviewed the Clifton 2  here. Great update!

Reflective Clifton2 on second row second and third from right

Hoka Mountain Line. Top Tour Ultra High, middle hikers, bottom Mafate 4.
Mafate 4
Lighter than Mafate 3 at 12.2 oz due to flex grooves and cut away outsole which it shares with SpeedGoat, Stinson ATR, and Tour Ultra. 31mm forefoot/ 35mm heel. $170.
Hoka One One Mafate 4

Hoka One One Mafate 4

Hoka One One Mafate 4

Hoka One One Mafate 4
Tour Ultra WP
17 oz high performance hiker. High top but not a rigid high top for support without binding of the ankle. 28mm forefoot/ 33mm heel. $230.
Hoka One One Tour Ultra WP

Hoka One One Tour Ultra WP

Hoka One One Tour Ultra WP

Hoka One One Tour Ultra WP

Hoka One One Tour Ultra WP

Hoka One One Tour Ultra WP Women's left

Hoka One One Tour Ultra WP Women
 Stinson 3 ATR. Flex grooves. More padded tongue and collar.
Stinson 3 ATR

Stinson 3 ATR  Women
Huaka continues for Fall with no changes and is not slated for further seasons.  Sad about that as it was my road trail hybrid of the year and overall runner up in 2014. Told something may replace. Bondi 4 continues for Fall with no changes.

Bajada II. I liked version one a lot but the upper tended to collapse medially. Same platform but with beefier overlays.

Montrail Bajada II

Montrail FluidFlex ST

My more recent review of the Montrail FluidFlex ST here. A wonderfully versatile and stable shoe.

adidas Outdoors
Boost shows up in multiple trail shoes. Boost is far less sensitive to temperatures and thus is a great choice for cold weather running. 

Top to Bottom: Terrex Boost $160 (review here) including a GoreTex version $200: Adizero XT Prime Boost knit upper with debris guard 8.8 oz! $200:  Adizero XT Boost 9.2 oz $140 ,  Response Trail Boost 11.5 oz, $110  Adistar Raven Boost (orange) 11.5 oz, $140

My review of the adizero XT Boost here
My more recent post of first on the run impressions of the Adistar Raven Boost here.
adidas Boost trail runners 2015
adidas Boost trail shoes. Top to Bottom: Adizero XT Prime Boost knit upper with debris guard  Response Trail Boost 11.5 oz, Adistar Raven Boost 11.5 oz, 

Center adidas Response Boost Boot

adidas Boost trail runners 2015

adidas Boost trail runners 2015

To which well known adidas athlete do these hands belong to? 

Altra Running 
Paradigm 1.5 gets a new less stiff upper and a bit more volume in the toe box. No changes to midsole or outsole.
Altra Running Paradigm 1.5
Lone Peak 2.5 gets a new upper with a return of the gray "mountain" overlays laterally and medially  and slightly different angle of the heel outsole
Altra Lone Peak 2.5

Altra Lone Peak 2.5

Altra Running Women Fall 2015 line

Altra Running Men Fall 2015 line
Will get more details on the Altra Halo with its midsole data collection system.
Altra Halo Shoe and System

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Cascade Runner said...

Great pics and info Sam. Thanks for sharing!

Unknown said...

Thnx Sam great eye candy!!! Loving the Hoka's

Anonymous said...

Hokas are like emperors new clothes. Laughably poor and appalling build quality...

J said...

My bad, Kevin Jorgeson.

Matt J said...

I assume those are the new Torin 2.0's at the top of the Altra neutral column. They're looking much better than the previous versions! Really looking forward to them!

Anonymous said...

I like these pics ... keep them comin'... makes me want to buy and run ... :-)

Anonymous said...

It might seem that way to you, but my experience with them has been quite different. I've got about 600+ miles on my Stinson ATRs (trail), and aside from the sole being about 70% worn from hard packed dirt, they look and feel great. My Cliftons (road) are looking equally good after about 400 miles, including an 18 miler over nothing but gnarly rocks that should've shredded both the uppers and lowers. I honestly expected them to be ruined by the time I got back, but they were just filthy.