Friday, August 02, 2013

WmGault Leather IPhone 5 Sleeve and Wallet: Classy, Protective, Well Designed.

My friend Craig Miller and his wife Rita are industrious, creative, active participants in multi day Mountain Man Rendezvous where everything worn and used has to be period 1820-1840's yet they are also very tech savvy. Craig, whose business is real estate, was the first person (other than me!) I saw actively using the iPad day to day, as soon as it launched.

Craig and Rita are incredible crafts people. Rita knitting and weaving;  Craig doing fine leather work, hand forging of knives, and now pack basket weaving. Oh and they have multiple horses out on their spread East of Park City.
Wm Gault Classic Wallet and iPhone 5 Sleeve

Craig has brilliantly combined his classic, western leather working and tech savvy to launch a new company Wm Gault. The first two products, and he makes these by hand in his workshop in UT,  are a leather iPhone 5 Sleeve $65 and a super streamlined Classic Wallet, $55. They can be purchased separately or as a Duo, $110.

The leather is thick, rich, and has a wonderful distressed look. He treats the leather with his own bee's wax.

I have always liked to protect my phone screen at all times and especially while running. The Sleeve absolutely does this and I have tested it on the trails. It is for sure highly water resistant.  No promises on dropping or a downpour the phone but the sewn corners and thick leather should provide very good protection. I an encouraging Craig to make a slightly larger case so a "bumper" cased phone can fit but I must say holding the iPhone as originally designed without a thick case is mighty fine, if a bit risky.

Craig can also make a slip over top cover to fully enclose the top of the phone as he did for me. When not fully enclosing the phone it can be slipped over the closed end to create a mini wallet, very handy.

The Sleeve design is very ingenious. You can hold the phone in the case upside down and it will not slide out.

Squeeze the sides near the bottom of the case, top of picture here, and give a slight push with one finger and your phone will gradually slide out enough to grab and pull out. 

The Classic Wallet is also very handy and well designed with an internal pocket for cards and a fold on the outside for bills. I very easily fit 5 credit cards, my trusty 1870 lucky silver dollar with 4 or so  bills in the outside fold.
Wm Gault Classic Wallet

Wm Gault Classic Wallet
Conclusion: Superb, classy accessories: iPhone 5 and Wallet. Ingenious protective designs that compliment your tech.

Both products available for online sales at the WmGault website.

Rita and Craig also sell hand spun wool yarn, fingerless gloves, leather and crochet bags, and knives via their other online store Beaver Creek Traders

Disclosure: the products were provided to me at a discount from the retail price

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