Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Outdoor Retailer Innovations- Keeping it Clean After the Run: Orange Mud Transition and Seat Wrap, Scrubba Wash Bag Reviews

With thousands of exhibitors and maybe millions of products it is sometimes hard to find the truly innovative products that are useful, simple, and unique. New exhibitors are assigned to 3 huge air conditioned tents across the street from the Salt Palace. Often they are displaying a single or a very few products. Thanks to some good pre show emails I sought out 2 really neat companies: Orange Mud and Scrubba. It turns out that both had very useful simple products for athletes used after the run, ride or workout. Orange Mud is focused on changing on the go after a workout and using the same product to keep your car seats clean. Scrubba has come up with an incredible "Washbag", the world's smallest washing machine that also doubles as a dry bag.

Scrubba Wash Bag $64.95

This crowd funded (indiegogo) Aussie company has come up with a simple way to get washing machine clean clothes on the road. More than just a washing machine the Scrubba can be used as a totally waterproof dry bag, a travel pillow, and even a foot massager.

Here is how the Scrubba Wash Bag works:

The dry bag has a plastic lamination of firm scrubbing fingers on the inside (seen below from the outside).

  • You put your clothes inside the dry bag: at least a couple pairs of shorts, t-shirts, socks, etc...
  • Add a bit of laundry soap. I use Bronner's when I travel.
  • Cover the clothes more or less with water.
    Scrubba Wash Bag- Machine is loaded!

  • Make sure the air valve is open, squeeze out the air and seal.
  • Massage the clothes against the washboard for about 3 minutes
  • Drain and fill with clean water
  • Scrubba Wash Bag- Rinse Cycle
  • Plug the air valve so air is kept inside. Shake a while and drain.

I have used it twice including all my super dusty, dirty clothes from the 16 mile trail Jupiter Peak Steeplechase last weekend and everything was immaculately cleaned.
Scrubba Wash Bag medium load- 3 pairs of socks, T-shirt, shorts

Remarkable invention. A great solution for backpacking, business travel, workout clothes left at the gym, and quick washes of your workout,  running or cycling clothes.

The Orange Mud Transition  and Seat Wrap $39.95
Brilliantly simple. The product's motto is "It's application is limitless, basically if you are dirty, and you know you often are....this will keep your car purdy! "Think of a nice large super soft beach towel with a secure hook system to wrap around your waist. Great for quick changes in parking lots after a workout. But there is more... one corner zips into a sort of hoodie. Slip the hood over your car head rest and you have a great seat cover for the drive home. And of course you can wear it as wrap around hoodie to stay warm. I have tried it and it absolutely works as advertised.

Orange Mud-wrap to change

Orange Mud-zip corner and slip over car seat
Update: Runner's World picks the Transition Wrap as one of its 2013 Gear of the Year, several months after this post.

There is more from  innovative Orange Mud. I will review separately but Orange Mud's original product is a very tiny hydration pack, the HyrdraQuiver. Instead of placing a water bottle around your waist or in a chest pocket they place it between your shoulder blades. Have run once in the pack and there is absolutely no bounce and complete freedom of arm motion. The bottle is very easy to remove and replace on the run. Brilliant, if a bit goofy looking. Also available in a 2 bottle version. Made in the USA!
Orange Mud HyrdaQuiver

Orange Mud-HyrdraQuiver

Disclosure: Products were provided at no charge for evaluation and review.

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