Saturday, April 13, 2013

Boston Monday: It's going to cool fun! Gear list

Really looking forward to my 5 or 6th Boston. Had a 25 year gap in there. The weather should be cool, good for me. Not much of a fan of the course but will try for once not to go out to fast!  Love the crowds, the organization, the tradition. Had the goose bumps at the expo yesterday seeing so many fit and fast runners of all ages from all over the world. The Marathon and I am lucky and grateful to be still able to qualify and run in such an amazing event. Best wishes to everyone running Boston Monday!

Shoes: Adidas Energy Boost.  My go to shoe all spring
Socks: Falke. Anatomical fit, lightly cushioned
Shorts: Patagonia Strider Pro. Love the 2 big no bounce pockets. Just the right 5" length.
Shirt:  Mountain Hardwear Way 2 Cool Tank. Not sure I will need the magic Q cooling disks,  who knows this is New England and it was 33 and raining Friday. Fits just right and has good shoulder coverage.
Belt: Salomon S-Lab 2 belt. 6 pockets (2 zip on a no bounce soft belt. iPhone on board Strava but I won't be looking at it. Gels, Bloks in other pockets.

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