Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Boston Marathon: I did not sleep well last night

I ran Boston yesterday. A magnificent day on the roads ending in tragedy.

I did not sleep well. Not the usual after marathon sleeplessness. Yesterday's events were such a contrast of beauty, effort, and joy followed by fear and tragedy. 

Grateful that we and friends are safe but deeply saddened and angry about the injuries, deaths, and terror on this particular, highly symbolic day: The Boston Marathon, Patriots Day commemorating Lexington and Concord, and of Boston itself. All symbols of the best of our region,country, and humanity and the day when somewhat still parochial Boston opens its arms to the whole world. Much lost. 

Our thoughts and prayers go out to those and their families struggling with loss and injuries. I saw the blasts go off from the bag pick up area. 

Yet, amid the chaos all of Boston, the BAA, the people of Boston, the first responders, doctors and nurses, and authorities responded instantly and magnificently. Many many more might have died if it wasn't for the best doctors and nurses in the world tending blisters and such and race running doctors who ran to the scene and who instantly turned the medical tent into a battlefield triage tent. The police within a few minutes stopped the race away from the scene. The residents and businesses opened their arms to cold exhausted runners stopped on the course or unable to get to their hotels. 

The Marathon and Patriots Day will come back bigger and with even more emotion and meaning as this was an attack on our freedoms, peaceful assembly, history, and the good noble endeavor of running a marathon. 

The theme for the Boston Marathon, on billboards and posters everywhere is : All in for Boston. Right now in this difficult time we should all be All in With Boston.

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brider (aka David) said...

Well said. I'm sickened by what happened -- another sporting event turned into some one's personal political statement. I'm saddened at the loss of life, the injuries incurred, and the psychological damage to our country and the sporting world.