Monday, February 21, 2011

Update Review Hoka One One Bondi-B

Have now gotten in 3 runs in the Bondi-B including now 2 tempo runs on the road. I am finding them far more responsive than the Mafates. Road shock is almost completely attenuated yet the feel is still lively. I am able to run at a good cadence of 177-180 strides per minute. Upper is very comfortable. Lacing is easy and secure. The shoe is stiff yet the rocker sole works as intended. I think with further break in, flex will soften the flex a bit.

Not sure I would try a 10K in them but a for sure a half marathon and my plan is to run Boston in them in April. I continue to marvel ( I also have several hundred miles including roads in the original Mafate trail shoe)  that no matter what the workout the next day legs appear fresher with no soreness, apart occasionally in the feet due to the stiffness, than in any other shoe I have run in. This indicates and Karl Meltzer proved this with his 2064 mile in 40 days Pony Express Trail run that Hokas are a great shoe for  both high mileage and recovery runs.

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Anonymous said...

180 strides per second! Damn that's fast!

Sam Winebaum said...

Wishful thinking for sure! Thanks for catching.

mrsnitrobob said...

I absolutely love these shoes! Great cushioning, yet still light! Ran 10 miles easily with them last night. Have Newton and Ascis shoes too, but love the Hoka's best. So much so, I've ordered another pair to have them broken in before my first marathon in Feb. Will be wearing them for my half marathons this fall too!

Unknown said...

Hi Sam,

Thanks for the Hoka One One reviews. Sorry to be commenting on an older post - little late to the
Hoka game here!

I have been thinking about getting a pair. I do most of my running on roads but will be doing a couple 50k trail runs over the winter.

My question is can the Hoka One One Bondi-B be used on trails as well as roads?

My email is:


Sam Winebaum said...

HI Jeff,
The Bondi is suitable for both trail and road but the sole profile is best suited for roads and firm trails. Deep mud or wet roots would likely not be good in the Bondi. In general Hokas, because they are so wide at the outsole, are great on most trails. As regards the Bondi I learned at Outdoor Retailer that the heel landing point, due to the geometry of the rocker sole, is further forward in the Bondi than the original Mafates and the new Stinson B. I found with the Bondi at Boston that once I got off my midfoot I was way back on my heels sinking into the soft foam, not good. If you are a shuffler like me longer distances may be problematic in the Bondi although shorter (for me up to 13 miles) feel fantastic. As the Bondi outsole is basically the same EVA as the midsole they have tended to wear fast especially in the midfoot on the pavement The Stinson B is a new model and I just got a pair. Same midsole and geometry as the Mafates but with a hybrid sole. Dense pattern of low lugs so great trail grip yet the lugs are low enough so that they also feel great on the road. New upper that is roomier and more flexible in the forefoot. Remember Hokas are stiff and you get your propulsion from the rocker sole. I would try to find the Stinson if you are going Hoka and want to run both roads and trails. I got mine at Salt Lake Running Company. A review of the Stinson B to follow shortly