Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Outdoor Retailer Summer 2007-Largest and Smallest Finds

The 2007 Outdoor Retailer Show just ended and I have lots to write about. I will start with the largest and smallest size finds and likely products at the show. Both speak to doing more, much more, with less.

The Largest

The Sylvan Sport Go "the backpack on wheels" was the largest sized product I saw.

Call it a spacious pop-up camping trailer which can be towed by a Prius (it weighs 750 pounds).

Or a backpack which can haul not only a place to sleep and eat but bikes, kayaks, skis, or a cargo trailer when the tent is folded into its pod to take your brush and recycling to the dump (we do that here in NH) You can even pick up full size sheets of plywood at the home store. The Go is one neat and very practical toy.

With rising gas prices, smaller cars, boats and bikes accompanying us on adventures, growth in the "RV" market, and a trend away from backpacking towards front range adventures the Go is right and right sized for the times.

Suggested retail $7500. First shipments to distributors Fall 2007

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