Friday, August 17, 2007

OR-The Smallest Elete Electrolyte Drops

Elete comes in two forms: tablets and a Visine sized dropper bottle. Elete is a water add-in electrolyte which dispenses with sugars, sticky mess clean up, and anything other the essential electrolytes.

The dropper sized bottle can make up to 10 32oz servings of electrolyte drink, at $4.99 per dropper bottle with larger refill bottles available.

The taste in water in neutral if a bit mineral but very potable in my opinion during exercise when compared to more traditional electrolyte drinks such as Gatorade. The compact nature of the product makes this a great solution for industry, backpacking and in the gym bag. In hydration packs no special cleaning is required after use.

Elete claims a cost per gallon half that of Gatorade, unclear from their materials if this is powder of liquid Gatorade. Elete can also be added to other drinks

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