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Saturday, January 01, 2011

Swiftwick Compression Arm Warmers... They're Arm Coolers Too!

Last winter the folks at Swiftwick were kind enough to give me a pair of their Ole Arm Warmers ($22.50) . I have extensively used and previously reviewed their light compression wool blend Merino 12 (12") socks in all seasons with great results.

At first I didn't see the purpose of arm warmers beyond the flexibility of rolling them down as temps and pace warmed during a run. Since then I have worn the Ole on warm and cool days and find them highly effective over a wide range of temperatures. I almost never roll them down.

Tightly knit and constructed in part of Olefin a highly hydrophobic fiber I find they manage temperatures well over a wide range.  They never seem to get soaked with sweat and thus stay warm.  When its warm the moisture seems to have a slight cooling effect and the long sleeves protect from the sun.  I find that the gap between the top of the sleeves and a t-shirt contributes to helping regulate temperatures. They are quite windproof. Most will find sizing up a bit more comfortable. I got the large.

What to wear on a breezy day in the 40's? Combine Ole Arm Warmers with a merino wool t-shirt.

Friday, December 24, 2010

110% Play Harder Compression Knee Braces, Calf Sleeves, Shorts-Ice it!

 110% Play Harder shorts, calf sleeves, and knee braces combine compression with pockets to insert included ice/heat packs. While I have not tried these, I think there is some merit for those with chronic problems or during heavy mileage periods. I see 110% Play Harder is available at Running Warehouse. Illustrated here are the knee brace and shorts :

I have used a number of different compression calf sleeves, shorts and socks in racing, training and recovery and have concluded that for me the recovery benefits outweigh any race performance benefits. I do get  a sense that my stride feels more aligned directly down the road or trail, less sloppyin later stages of a race or long run when using compression calf sleeves or socks . My favorite compression socks are the merino blend Swiftwick 12 which I  posted about earlier this year. They provide a "light" compression and are great for fall and winter running, nordic, telemark and alpine skiing.  I used them just about every day on our 100 plus mile trek around the Mont Blanc.

When its warmer out I often use Salomon EXO III Calf that I picked up from the iRunFar Store. Again light compression. The Salomons got me through the 13 miles of downhill in the St. George Marathon this year without the calf cramps I got in 2009.

I use compression shorts in training when my problem hamstring is acting up and they clearly let me run in less pain. Since I have gotten used to more minimal shoes in  the last 4 months the hamstring issues have gone away... I have tried my Zoot and adidas TechFit  compression shorts in racing and find them a bit too restrictive, especially later in races when my stride gets weaker and knee lift starts to escape me.

 I highly recommend compression shorts for telemark and alpine  skiing and find that they clearly keep my legs fresher day in, day out.