Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Salomon Sonic 3 Balance Initial Video Review: What a Ride!

Article by Sam Winebaum

Salomon Sonic 3 Balance ($130)

Estimated Weight: 9.9 oz / 281 g US M9
Stack Height: 28mm heel / 20 mm forefoot, 8 mm drop
Available Spring 2020
Launching Spring 2020, the Sonic 3 Balance features an Optivibe midsole which combines a very lively energy returning Infuse olefin main midsole with a JPAD super shock and vibration reducing heel insert.  The ride here has been sublime for me in its energy "return", cushion, shock and vibration absorption, and smoothness of transitions.  It runs way lighter than its weight!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Sam! I'm running the Predict RA as my daily trainer and i love it. I overpronate less in it then in any stability shoe i tried. The only downside is the lack of "energy return" compared to other modern foams. How does the Sonic 3 compare to the Predict? Or do you know if there is a Predict RA 2 on the horizon with a more lively foam underneath?

Best regards

Sam Winebaum said...

HI Nils,
You will find Sonic 3 Balance and I imagine the more support oriented Sonic 3 Confidence to have much more rebound than Predict RA. I agree Predict RA has an old school foam. I have no information on a potential Predict RA 2,
Sam, Editor
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Gijs said...

Happy to see they changed the laces from round to flat. The round laces on my sonic RA2 kept getting loose (changed them to Nathan Run Laces).

Anonymous said...

Hi Sam,

I'm in search of a mild/moderate stability shoe for longer runs and came across the Salomon Sonic 3 line of shoes. I currently run in Hoka Arahi 3s with custom orthotics to help my flat feet/overpronation. In your opinion would the Geometric Decoupling in the Sonic 3 Balance provide enough stability for me or would you recommend the Confidence? (fyi, i'm 6'3, 190lbs)

Thanks in advance,

Jeff said...

Hi Ross,

I'm currently testing the Confidence for an upcoming review (but haven't been able to check out the Balance yet) and I would think the Confidence would be great for you. I'm about the same weight as you, just four inches shorter, and there's LOTS of inherent stability in this shoe, as well as lots of room inside to work with your orthotics. The platform itself has good width, and gives lots of firm cushioning. Its stability doesn't feel as forced, as say a Brooks Transcend, but if you are only looking for mild stability I'd think the Confidence would be your shoe.

Hope that helps!