Thursday, September 26, 2019

Skechers Performance GO RUN RIDE 8 HYPER Initial Video Review, Shoe Details, and Comparison to other 2019 Skechers

Article by Sam Winebaum

Skechers GO RUN RIDE 7 HYPER ($115)
Update: Read our full 6 tester review here. Includes 14 comparison shoes!
Weight: Approx. 9.2oz/262g US men's 9, US Women's 7
Stack Height: 27mm forefoot / 33 mm heel, 6 mm offset
Hyper Burst midsole, Goodyear rubber outsole, engineered knit upper
Available 10/24/19. $115

1st Run Impressions & Shoe Details, 
Comparisons to Skechers GO Run Ride 7 Hyper, Go Run 7, and Max Road 4 Hyper. 

Full Multi Tester Review Coming Soon!
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Chris Z said...

Thanks! Finally the review is here. I loved GRR7, cannot wait GRR8. I recently tried Razor 3. At the end of my 12 miles long run, my feet, legs and joints just hurt so much, taking over two weeks to recover. However, I never had such issue with GRR6 or Beacon1. Do you think GRR8 is similar to Razor 3, or more like Beacon1, or even better than Beacon?

Also, does it have mid-high arch support, or it have a removable insole that I can put my own one in?

Coach StingRay said...

Really enjoyed the GRR8 review, as I prepare for replacement of trainer, and on fence between the Hyperburst MaxRoad4, or the new Hyperburst MaxTrail4 ......... and must ask the obvious, Sam..... for 10k casual on less technical trails or gravel & road mix, should I try this 8 rather than trying to find the new Hyperburst MaxTrail? The Goodyear rubber is very attractive to me in the layout and firmness you speak of (and I like SILKY SMOOTH too) Hummmm? My desire for excellent fore foot cushioning should be all of these, right.
Thanks very much, my friend.

Unknown said...

Looking forward to the full review and comparisons. I've got the GR7 Hyper and whilst I don't have an issue with the upper like many do I was disappointed by my first experience of Hyperburst. I find it quite unforgiving and not as bouncy as I'd expected, certainly nowhere near the levels of my Forever Energies (I'm not sure although if I've got a defective pair). It is slightly better at quicker paces but at easy pace my legs feel beaten up quite quickly. Is this shoe a bit softer and more bouncy? I still find the Forza 3 to be my favourite everyday shoe so a comparison with those in the full review would be helpful.

Sam Winebaum said...

Hi Unknown,
I would call Hyper Burst springy in feel as opposed to bouncy soft. As called out in the video the GO Run 7 has a stack of 25/29 vs. 27/33 for the Ride 8 so more cushion which I can for sure already feel in comparison to GR7. On top of that the GR7 has the pylons of midsole with rubber which will tend to compress more than the flatter more full coverage outsole of the GRR8.
Sam, Editor

Sam Winebaum said...

Chris Z,
Way more stack than Razor 3 and thus more cushion here. This is mainly a trainer. I too found the Razor 3 not that easy on the legs with a low feeling heel I think due to thin rubber and the heel compressing there especially at slower back on the heels paces. No heel issues in GRR8 as plenty of rubber and a 6mm drop with more Hyper Burst. It is heavier, more cushioned and livelier cushion than Beacon and for a different I think more daily training more protective purpose as opposed to more uptempo faster training for Beacon. Yes you can remove insole and put your own in.
Sam, Editor

Sam Winebaum said...

Hi Coach StingRay,
Don't know anything (yet..) about Max Trail so can't comment but previous Max Trail was great for the uses you talk about. GRR8 would be more stable on light trails than Max Road. I would caution that GRR8 rubber outsole doesn't have much profile so likely not great on any loose deep stuff, light gravel should be fine.
Sam, Editor

Greg S said...

Is the width different than the razor? I found the razor very narrow midfoot.

Any idea how this works in sub freezing Temps? Nike react bricks up bad and I. Trying to find a foam that stays soft.

geomaz said...

Hello Sam, thank you for the very nice initial review once again!

My question is about the stack high. You mention at the specs that it is 33-27. Is it more compared to the previous model which replaces -go run ride 7- which was referred as 30 -24? If you compare these two is there a substantial difference in cushion?

Thank you very much for your time.

Brian said...

So excited for this release! How would you compare it in terms of ride/softness to the new Floatride Run 2.0 that you just tested?

Sam Winebaum said...

Hi Brian,
Somewhat softer, less dense feeling and springier for GRR8 Most of dense and firmer feeling of the Floatride Run 2 I think coming from more and less decoupled outsole and maybe the firm rim of the cage. Still a springier feel than standard EVA midsoles though.
Sam, Editor