Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Title Nine Dream Skort 16” and Grace Short Sleeve Top Review

Article by Dominique Winebaum

In selecting the Dream Skort 16” and the Grace Short Sleeve Top - in solid colors - from Title Nine’s summer collection, I opted for an outfit I could wear from the tennis court to the grocery store and all day long in and out of the house.  
The skort and short sleeve top are extremely comfortable and versatile, but less so in hot and humid weather, due to the thickness of the fabric and the lack of integrated ventilation.   Wearing a skort, instead of shorts and bermudas, somewhat simplifies my existence as no ironing is involved and my Dream Skort still looks crisp at the end of the day.  
The Dream Skort is made of “Buttah TM” fabric (90% microfiber poly and 10% spandex) that is wrinkle-resistant and extremely soft.  Since it is a skort, it has built-in boy short and has a roomy leg pocket that can hold a phone or two tennis balls.
The skort comes in two lengths: 16” and 14” – I would opt for a shorter length for active sports, such as tennis, unless one prefers optimum coverage.  
In comparison to a tennis skirt, the Dream Skort’s leg pocket opens in the middle, which can be a bit tricky to retrieve tennis balls. (Photo credit: Margot Schmolka.) 

Available in solid colors (five) for the 16” and (two) for the 14” Dream Skort that are attractive and easy to match.  For a playful look, the Dream Skort - but only the 16” length - is offered in print with names like Aruba, Portofino, Flower Crush, and Banana Leaves.  
Title Nine Dream Skort 16" Portofino Fennel
Stripes are another option for both the 16” and the 14” Dream Skort with a choice of three different colors in the 16" and the blue below in the 14". 
Title Nine Dream Skort 14" Stripe Medieval Blue
In terms of sizing, the Dream Skort “fits true to size” however I noticed that the skort tends to distend a bit with wear at the end of the day.  I would need to compare both sizes – small and medium – to determine which fits better for me -- I am 5’ 5 ½” tall and weigh 136 lbs. A shorter length (14”) and in a size small, perhaps in a brighter color,  would be my choice for a second Dream Skort.  
Athletic technical wear can be pricey, yet given the multifunctionality of the Dream skort, it is reasonably priced at $59.00 for the solid and print and $65.00 for the stripes version. 

The Grace Short Sleeve Top is made of “Buttah LT tm” fabric, a blend of micro poly and spandex with wicking properties, and has antimicrobial agents – silver, copper and zinc – to prevent odor-causing bacteria.  
Available in four solid colors and in two print; clearly reviewers on the Title Nine site are begging for more color choices.  Well designed and functional, it features a side zippered pocket to store small items.  
Topstitched seams on the front sides and in the back add texture and definition to the top while creating a comfortable and “graceful” look.  
The back is particularly attractive with the “rash back detail”. This is a resilient short sleeve top that keeps its shape after wear and washing.  On that note, it also requires less washing as per Title Nine’s claim -- it does stay fresher longer and sometimes I forget how many times I have worn it before washing it!  

It is a super comfortable short-sleeve top with wicking properties and an attractive look which I find works best for moderate and light activities.  Priced at $54, this is a technical top that is worth the investment.  Always be careful to wash according to instructions.  
(Photo credit: Juliet Grant)   
The Dream Skort and Grace Short Sleeve make an outfit that works just as well on the court, at the beach or in the kitchen providing comfort, coverage, with a no-nonsense, no frills approach.
Shop for the Dream Skort at Title Nine here
Shop for the Grace Short Sleeve Top at Title Nine here
The product reviewed was provided at no cost. The opinions herein are the authors'.
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