Thursday, January 24, 2019

Skechers Performance Speed Elite Hyper Zebraflage Prototype. Early Look and Details!

Snow Leopard? No, but close, fast, and from another continent. Details here about the Skechers Performance  ”Zebraflage” Speed Elite Hyper prototype .

It will come to market this fall (in a different color and in limited quantities), and yes it has a carbon fiber H-shaped plate sandwiched between two densities of Hyper Burst midsole. Hyper Burst foam gives it a zingy springy cushion and light weight in my size US M9 proto at 6.2 oz 176 g.  
The rigid plate makes for a decisive yet adequately cushioned and stable transition and push off platform, felt at the ball of the foot where the carbon profile is most prominent (see pics), then up and away to an easy, very quick toe off. The combination of Hyper Burst and the carbon fiber plate provides a great stiffness to weight ratio giving the shoe its Fast. 
The upper is a single layer of very thin, non stretch woven mesh with melted in support overlays and it  fits beautifully and comfortably. 

A race shoe for many up to a half, and for some the marathon, even my slower runs in them have been very lively, fun and in no way harsh in feel. 

Release date, colors, and fine tuning TBD and still underway so please stay tuned.
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amadeus303 said...

OMG! I want! I'm loving the Hyperburst in the Razor 3 midsole. I wish this would be available for the spring/summer race season!

Anonymous said...

I buy only if Sam,s score is at least 9.7 :-)

Anonymous said...

When will we be able to see a picture of the plate?

amadeus303 said...

Sam, have you heard any news on the Speed Elite Hyper? I had read that it was originally slated for a limited release in July... but they've now pushed that back closer to fall (maybe early Sept?), and the rumor is that they're adding some additional "technology" to it before release. I don't think I've anticipated a shoe this much in awhile. This seems to tick the boxes for me for a distance racer with a cushioned but firmer feel. The VF Next% was too soft for my taste.

Sam Winebaum said...

Hi amadeus303,
Our review pairs have just been ordered. As far as release date I imagine within a month or so but will get comfirmation. Max Road 4 Hyper is releasing early to mid Sept. As far as adding tech I have heard that too and will see when we get them if the upcoming release includes, think not at this point. I wear tested them and yes they are along the lines of what you are seeking.
Sam, Editor

Mark said...

Are you hearing any update on when these might be available?

Matthew Hoadley said...

Any update on a release date?

Sam Winebaum said...

Mark and Mathew,
I do not have an update on Speed Elite Hyper release at this time. My understanding is that the delay is caused by re working of the plate.
Sam, Editor

RoogieRoo said...

I hear release date will not be until February 2020 now...