Saturday, October 20, 2018

New Balance Rubix v1 Preview: Guidance Ramp Support without Posts! Ground Contact Midsole as Outsole.

New Balance Rubix v1
10.7 oz M / 8.9 oz W
8 mm drop
(Stats per Running Warehouse here)
$165. Available from Road Runner Sports now here

New Balance joins the post less support category with the new Rubix. I was at my local running store buying gels for a half the next day and so was one of New Balance's run category sales directors. We chatted and of course I noticed his shoes, the new Rubix support shoe,  a shoe I had never heard of before.
New Balance Rubix Lateral Side
The Rubix instead of firm posts to "control" pronation opts for Guidance Ramps with differing angles informed by pressure plate data. In the photo above of the lateral side the gray foam is softer than the white foam.
New Balance Rubix Medial Side

In the photo above the medial side has firmer white Ground Contact foam to provides more support but pressing the foam it did not feel incredibly firm as posted EVA often is, making me think that this neutral runner who sometimes likes non posted support shoes may dig the Rubix.  Note also the deep grooves in the midsole sidewalls to aid in transition and keep the shoe flexible. I was very impressed how flexible this "stability" shoe was. No clunky stiff rigid midsole here and at 10.7 oz no real penalty over a premium neutral shoe such as the  New Balance 1080 v8  at 10.6 oz. In fact the Rubix looks way more fun to run than the sometimes clunky stiff 1080!
The outsole is mostly Ground Contact foam as in the fun to run new and popular Fresh Foam Beacon (RTR review). While difficult to see there is firmer rubber at the heel and toe but other wise you run on the midsole. Beacon's Ground Contact midsole/outsole has proved surprisingly durable. I note the deep grooves and extensive decoupling making me think this will be one smooth transitioning shoe and as New Balance puts it a stable, responsive and light feeling shoe. What a contrast with the firm, extensive, largely un segmented outsoles of Fresh Foam shoes such as the 1080. More good news!
The upper is a double Jacquard mesh designed by New Balance with different strengths and structures to support with a mid foot TPU overlays to support the foot.

The Rubix is intended as a performance ride which is not clunky and with no apologies for needing some support. It is a premium  alternative to the 1260.
More to follow when RoadTrailRun tests the Rubix.

See Running Warehouse's First Impressions Review and New Balance video here
(The Rubix will be available at Running Warehouse late November.)
Rubis is available now at Road Runner Sports here and below as well as from New Balance's Amazon store. 
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