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Race Report: Run Mag Mile 10K, Chicago, Illinois. In the Reebok Floatride Run Fast Pro!

Article by Michael Ellenberger

Race Report: Run Mag Mile 10K, Chicago, Illinois
I just recently ran the “Run Mag Mile 10K” in Chicago - a pretty terrific course that takes you north and south along the titular Magnificent (“Mag”) Mile on Michigan Avenue, along with some out-and-back stretching along Lake Michigan. Scenic… but on Saturday, quite exposed and windy! Fortunately, the wind was at an angle such that I think we benefited more than we lost to it, but still - a bit demoralizing to be out there all alone with no cover! I’ve been training in the Nike Epic React and Pegasus Turbo, favoring the Peg Turbo for those really slow recovery days, and the Epic React for anything a little quicker and/or longer. My initial impressions from the Peg Turbo have cooled, if only a little, as it just feels like they doesn’t have the responsiveness I want for any kind of faster turnover, and they can come off feeling sloppy. For slower miles, it’s still the go-to.
For the 10K, I decided to take out the Reebok Run Fast Pro (RTR review).
I've worn it for a few previous workouts (mile repeats, light tempo) and been pleased with it. It’s light as can be, and surprisingly cushioned for the weight - exactly what I’m looking for in a no-frills racer. I don’t have a ton of flats in my arsenal, but picking it over the Nike Flyknit Racer or Adidas Adizero Adios wasn’t much of a hard choice. What’s more, I decided to go sock-less in the Fast Pro for the first time, which I understand not to be the smartest decision to make moments before running a hard 10K, but it panned out okay. I used to always race (and even often train) without socks, but have moved away from it post-collegiately, for a number of reasons. On Saturday I had no issues; it was nice to really feel like there was nothing on my feet, and I didn’t develop even so much as a hot spot in the time I was running.
And during the race? Well, I can say I honestly forgot I had the Fast Pro on, which is about as high praise as I can give. The only time during the 10K where I consciously considered what shoes I was wearing was the first 180° turn on Michigan Avenue, at about the first K marker, when I realized I could come sliding right out of my shoes… but no, the outsole was grippy, the upper was snug, and I took the turn at high (well, reasonably high) speed just fine. After that, any other tight turn (and there were several on this course!) went by without a hitch.
The Fast Pro got me to the finish line in a non-collegiate PR of 31:26, fourth overall, and with pretty fresh legs to boot - no issues jogging a cool-down immediately after.

Next on my radar is the Chicago Half-Marathon in a few weeks, and I’ll undoubtedly be wearing the Fast Pro over 13.1. If that race goes well, and my legs aren't totally trashed, I may put the Fast Pro to the test in a fall marathon (should I end up doing one). That scares me a little - not because of the durability of the shoe, but just because I don’t imagine I’ll do any training runs in them beforehand (besides shorter workouts), and trying something new over 26.2 is a risky proposition. Still, I’m pretty confident in these little Reeboks, and I’ll let the Chicago Half be a trial run for what is currently my favorite flat out there!
Read our full  multi tester review of the Reebok Floatride Run Fast Pro here.
Editor's Note: 
Congratulations Michael! 
This old decrepit slow guy also ran them in a fairly hilly 5 miler yesterday, winning his age group. The Fast Pro were fantastic in their lightness, surprising forefoot cushion and great turnover. None the worse for wear the next day which is a bit of a shock.

Author Bio
Michael Ellenberger is a rising third-year law student at Northwestern in Chicago, with an interest in patent and intellectual property law. Prior to law school, he competed collegiately at Washington University in St. Louis (10,000m PR of 30:21). He was the top Illinois finisher in the 2017 Boston Marathon (2:33:03, 82nd overall) and recently finished 5th at the North Shore Classic Half Marathon in a PR of 1:12:12. Michael is a gadget and running nerd. His pre-race breakfast is, and will always be, Pop-Tarts.
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Armando said...

Thanks for the race report in the Pros. I’ve been enjoying them myself for fast runs. I’m curious if you have considered trying the non-Pro Floatride Run Fast as your fast training shoe. I wonder how you like it vs your current favorite, the Epic React. And of course, I’m curious about the new zoomfly flyknits w/ carbon fiber plate & react foam for this purpose. Thanks again! -Armando

Michael said...

Hi Unknown - I'd like to try the Run Fast, though I don't have a pair. For whatever reason, I've been primarily training (and racing) in Nike, so it'd be a weird change... but one I'm not opposed to. As to the Zoom Fly FK - I haven't tried them beyond wearing them around the running store, but I think they'd be perfect for up-tempo training. A really, really comfortable shoe - and I'm excited to try them out!

Sam Winebaum said...

HI Unknown,
I have run all three. The Fast is an excellent fast training shoe. I much prefer it to the React which I find dull in feel and overly snug at lower mid foot. I have done an initial review of the Zoom Fly Flyknt here:
It has a brief comparison. The Fast is quite a bit lighter than the new ZF and for me is easier to run a slower paces but the ZF has more snap and response so far. A close call.
Sam, EditorSam, Editor
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Daniel said...

Hi there, for me the Reebok Run Fast was a bit disappointing. It´s a good shoe in general, but where it fell short was being "fast", at least for me. The Fast is far from being sluggish, but compared to classic distance flats like the Nike Zoom Streak 6 or Adidas Adios Boost it just feels flat and not that responsive as the advertising of a Pebax foam suggests. The Fast midsole delivers ample cushion, smooth shock absorption and feels soft and bouncy. However, for workouts and racing shoes like the Zoom Streak and Adios got a much more aggressive and snappy ride. Hitting my splits with the Fast felt more ponderous than in the Streak or Adios, which really fly over the roads or track. I´m really a bit puzzled about Pebax. My experience with the Pegasus Turbo and Adidas Sub2, which use Pebax foams too, has been very similar. Nice comfy and very lightweight midsoles, but just flat/dull and muted when you lay into it. I just wonder if it´s only me or if others have similar impressions with Pebax midsoles.

Joseph said...

Have you tried the Pros in a full marathon yet? If so,how were they?

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