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QALO Silicone Rings: Quality Athletics Love Outdoors!

Article by Jeff Valliere

QALO (pronounced Kay-Lo) stands for Quality Athletics Love Outdoors.
I can't stand wearing my wedding ring.  Not for the nefarious reasons some might opt not to wear a ring, as I love my wife and am proud to be married to her, but wearing a heavy gold wedding ring is very bothersome to me.  I have a knobby knuckle, so, as is the case with any solid ring, needs to be sized to fit over said knuckle.  But, my finger behind the knuckle is skinny and the ring flops around causing constant annoyance.  My gold wedding ring is also blocky and heavy and when I grab anything heavy, it digs into my finger.

My two tone gold "Aspen" ring with Elk Range of Colorado etched in, too nice to beat up and too uncomfortable to wear for anything else aside from formal occasions.
I am active, not just running, but hiking, biking, skiing, mountain climbing, rock climbing, endless yard and house projects, tinkering in the garage working on bikes, cars, lawnmowers, etc...  I also primarily run on rocky mountains where I am often using my hands on steep rocky slopes, scrambling over rocks, grabbing trees and branches and not only am I nervous about dinging up my nicely carved gold ring, but also worry about catching my ring on something and being injured (Google "ring avulsion" on the web).  As a result, over my 14 years of marriage, I have only worn my ring on special occasions.

Enter QALO silicone rings.  I had been vaguely aware that silicone rings exist, but got a closer look while visiting the QALO booth at Winter Outdoor Retailer, where I was given a good overview and a sample ring to try.

QALO rings come in a wide variety of styles, colors and sizes for both men and women.  I chose a smooth design in a grey color, as it is subtle and could be confused for a dark silver or titanium band.  I like that it is inconspicuous and does necessarily draw attention, though others like to color coordinate or make a statement.

Below are just a few of the offerings from QALO. There are many men's and women's styles

Comfort is amazing, as I hardly know that I am wearing it as I go about my busy daily life without ever thinking about it being on my finger.  It flexes, bends and seems very durable thus far, with no visible flaws after several months of daily use.  The advertised tensile strength of 22 lbs to break is also very attractive to me, as I am confident that catching my ring on something would most likely just stretch the ring, or break without causing injury to my finger.  I have given it a few test pulls and can stretch it over a few fingers and it immediately snaps back to the original size.  If the ring happens to break in what would otherwise be a serious mishap, no big deal, they are inexpensive enough and presumably have less sentimental value.
If the wide variety of stock colors/designs are not enough, you can also order custom rings, where you can add monogramming, engraving, as well as custom patterns and designs.

If you run, are active in the outdoors, around the house, at your job, or just can't stand wearing a heavy metal band, I highly recommend checking out QALO silicone rings, they have impeccable customer service, a wide variety of quality products all at an affordable price.

Jeff Valliere is a former pro cyclist who now runs and climbs the mountains of Colorado. He has been top 5 Masters, top 25 overall, at the Pike's Peak Marathon several times, finishing 2d Masters in 2015. Jeff loves vertical accumulating more than 500,000 vertical feet per year, has climbed all the Colorado 14's and 200 of the 13's and has held FKT on several. 

The Qalo was provided at no cost. The opinions herein are entirely the author's.
Photo Credit: Jeff Valliere
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Jeff Valliere said...


Ryan said...

I've got one. Been wearing it for two, maybe three years now. Like the reviewer, I wear it running, hiking, rock climbing, doing yardwork, chores, etc. Pretty much all the time, and it hardly shows any signs of wear. Same with my wife's.

Tony said...

As my son has entered his teenage, he has become fond of wearing stylish Tiger silver ring and more fashion accessories, and I have noticed that his friends are behaving similarly, so I think that there is nothing to be worried about.