Sunday, December 04, 2016

Altra Running 2017 Previews at The Running Event: Timp, One V3, Torin 3.0, Escalante, Paradigm 3.0, HIIT

Altra was very busy with not only at their very active booth but across the aisle sister company Pro-Form's treadmills in heavy use for Vertical K Challenges and a 50 mile world record attempt and success by Altra athlete Jacob Puzey who shattered the record by almost an hour, running 5:56 pace in his Altra Paradigms. 
Update: See our first run impressions and technical details Escalante article here

Weight: Men's 9 10.7 oz/303 grams Women's 8.9 oz/252 grams 
Stack: 29mm Zero Drop
Available July-August 2017
Altra Running Timp
Altra athlete Jason Schlarb (co-winner of the 2016 Hardrock 100 and 4th at 2014 UTMB) shows us his new go to shoe, The Timp. He has been running most ultras in the Paradigm. Fellow Altra athlete Jeff Browning has been running the Timp for the past several months.
With a similar Zero Drop stack of 29mm The Timp can be thought of as the Torin for trails, sitting between the Lone Peak and Olympus in cushion with 4mm more stack than the Lone Peak and 7mm less stack than the Olympus.
Altra Running Timp
The upper is wear and water resistant and we hope breathable.  The random pattern seen below the top mesh is highly reflective. The Timp also features Altra's effective GaiterTrap.
Altra Running Timp
The upper has the asymmetrical lacing found on the Impulse.
Altra Running Timp
Timp features Altra's MaxTrac outsole which is supposed to balance grip with a comfortable ride on any terrain.

One V3
Weight: 7.6 oz/215 g Women 5.7 oz/162 g
Zero Drop stack: 23mm
Available July-August 2017
Altra Running One V3
The One gets an updated more reinforced upper and a new outsole with more durable rubber coverage than the 2.5. It gains (Update: confirmed) to gain 1.3 oz/ 37 grams but should also be a more durable shoe as a result. Update: Altra also tells us that the Torin 2.5 ran very small and as a result its weight was underestimated by 0.66 oz at true to size.

Altra Running One V3 
Torin 3.0
Approx. weight with sock liner: 9 oz/255 g  Women 7 oz/198 g.
Zero Drop stack: 28mm
Available July- August 2017

The Torin 2.5 is one of my favorite all around shoes of 2016. Soft under foot with a super supportive upper it is equally adept on roads and trails for me.  The Torin 3.0 loses 0.3 oz/8.5 g which is always welcome.  It gets a new upper and fit with a bit more stretch, some found the upper a bit constrictive but not me. The Inner Flex and outsole pods closest to mid foot are moved slightly further back to more closely match foot flex dynamics.
Altra Running Torin 3.0
Paradigm 3.0
Weight: 10.3 oz/292 g Women 8.2 oz/232 g
Zero Drop stack: 32mm
Available July-August 2017

You will recall that the road Paradigm has been Jason Schlarb's go to shoe for trail ultras and Jacob Puzey's 50 mile world record setting shoe. With its hefty 32mm stack and low weight we can see why. With version 3 Altra revamps the mesh upper and bunion window.
Altra Running Paradigm 3.0
The 3.0 outsole also gets more rubber coverage as likely as a result the Paradigm gains 0.6 oz/17 g a small price to pay for the extra potential miles from this long hauler.
Altra Paradigm 2.5                                   Paradigm 3.0
HIIT XT (High Intensity Interval Training)
Weight 11.2 oz/318 g Women 8.1 oz/230 g
Zero Drop stack: 23mm/17mm with insole removed
Available July-August 2017

The HIIT takes Altra into cross training. Altra co-founder Golden Harper cross trains and plays tennis a lot, when he isn't running of course, so Altra and Golden came up with the sharp looking HIIT.  With a wrap around rubber outsole and a stable PowerSole platform the HIIT is designed for lateral movement, rope climbing and should be a great new choice for the gym, power driven sports and Crossfit.
Altra Running HIIT XT
Update: See our Escalante first run impressions review and technical details  article here
Escalante is a 8.2 oz/232 g neutral racer trainer with the fit/last of the Torin 2.5, one of our favorite shoes of 2016 (review here) but with the lower(3mm) stack height 25mm heel/25 mm forefoot of the Instinct. Available February 2017. $130.
Altra Running Escalante
This shoe should be right in my sweet spot for faster paced running and racing given the stack, low weight, and new responsive Altra EGO midsole. The Escalante features Altra's first knit upper. My only concern is how soft/low the heel may feel when combined with the zero drop the EGO is  softer yet also bouncier than Altra's other midsole materials.  

Altra IQ
IQ a combination of sensor equipped dedicated shoe and app has been under development for several years and was first shown over a year ago. IQ measures cadence, landing zone, impact zone, and contact time. It  provides live feedback and coaching tips via the app to improve technique, form, and balance. The live demo I saw below showed real time data that corresponded, as far as I could tell, to how the runner on the treadmill was actually running. 
With many form sensors and apps now appearing, not tied to a particular shoe, I think its success will come down to how effective the tips developed by Golden Harper and his team are. I am optimistic as Golden is known as a fantastic run form coach with hundreds of clinics under his soles.  
Needless to say getting the whole system right and reliable is not easy but it looks to me that Altra is progressing with appropriate caution and care. 
We should expect to see IQ released sometime in the first half of 2017 in 2 shoes: 
Update: Torin 1Q $220 and Timp IQ $230

Finally as I do at every show I asked co-founder Golden Harper what he was most excited about in the line:
For the brand and for sales: Escalante
Most excited to run in: Timp
For all the other activities he does: HIIT

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Néant said...

No Instinct 4.0?

Sam Winebaum said...

Hi Neant, Yes indeed an Instinct 4.0 with a new engineered mesh upper,decoupled heel, and full rubber outsole called out as new in the catalog. Sorry I did not pictures of it. 10 oz. Should be out around February. Thanks for reading Road Trail Run. You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instgram where we have more frequent content. Sam

Néant said...

Thanks Sam, so you did choose some highlights in your report!

The One seems to get heavier at each new version. The One 2.5 is still my go-to pair for faster road races (usually 10 km, a distance I enjoy). Do you think the One 3 can still be the Altra reference to fulfill that purpose? Or new lighter shoes will arise from Altra catalogue? The Escalante looks promising, yet still heavier than the One 3.

I have just acquired a pair of Torin 2.5, cannot wait to try them. They will replace an old and tired pair of Clifton (first generation!) as my daily trainer.

Cheers from France!

Anonymous said...

Is that a pair of tan military boots , I see in the backdrop ?( that would be outstanding ) on my next deployment-Standard military boots, do not have enough toe- space, and the heel is two high (I hope Altra comes out with that boot-) in coyote tan color or and oliv-drab green ,or desert tan. When you're carrying in excess of 90 pounds for five or six days straight: pop flavors, Fred grenades, smoke grenade, E & E kit(escape and invasion) first aid kit modified -consisting of pressure bandage ~IV and Turnakit~'7-30 round banana clips for a M4 assault rifle, 10 clips of 15 rounds for side arm Beretta, Night vision goggles mounted on the helmet, spotter scope and flashlight Mountaind on assault rifle, food and water, maps extra radio batteries -flak jacket with trauma plate trying to lead a team of the dark(I shouldn't have to worry about my toes crunched up and twisting my ankle(I have about 15 pair of Altras.

Sam Winebaum said...

Hi Anonymous,
Thank you for your service. Sharp eyes! I had a better picture but somehow deleted it. It is a non NeoShell of the LonePeak Mid. Colors will be the tan and black and they were called boots for the tactical market. Out summer/fall Will get more details. I am not sure but you would know far better if they would provide enough support for such heavy loads. Another option might be the Hoka One One Tor Ultra Hi WP, 4mm drop but at least in my catalog I don't see military colors for spring or fall but somewhere I may have seen them
Thanks for reading RoadTrailRun! We are also on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Sam, Editor

Anonymous said...

No Megagrip on the Timp = FAIL in sole material choice.
Just like the Lone Peak 3 Altras own compound is NO match for Vibrim Megagrip compound in grip. If you hike/run in technical terrain it's like night and day difference. The Altra is almost dangerous and you have to be constantly be ready for it to slip. Oh well.

Anonymous said...

This is anonymous from the 13th day of this month(thank you Mr. Sam for the rapid response)IBOLO-i'll be on the lookout, for the tactical LP Altra boot :tan color (I am quite confident that they will provide adequate support ) The individuals that will be sporting them (not for looks but comfort-and functionality) Will be in tip top shape-their support' will be predicated upon their physical fitness & and mental fitness, endurance and resistance to failure ,(we just need boots that will allow this body to function like it was design-not elevated heels ! Not crunched up toes!~~ The Department Of Veterans Affairs-is inundated with veterans with: neck problems back problems ,knee problems Feet problems baby toe problem, Big toe problem(because if your caring about 70+pounds 18 hours a day for five days at a time. That's not!! !!!good(equipment) pop flares, smoke grenades, fragmentation grenade, extra battery for communication, 8-30round banana clips for M4 aim point in flashlight mounted on assault rifle, 8-15round Strat- clips for Beretta side arm, Night vision equipment mounted on helmet, first aid kit-+E&E escape innovation kit, five canteens H2O' 8 MREs-Meal ready to eat, -ballistic flack jacket with troma Plate-Front and back.'trying to lead a team and maintaining focus of object- Mission-oh yes photograph of your children in the Bible in your left breast pocket.(I wish someone could make a boot shaped like a normal human foot with no elevation like a normal human foot) just like if you were just standing there, why must the toes be crunched up and the heel elevated: The lightbulb needs to go on in somebody's brains .

Anonymous said...

Good stuff Sam! What is your sizing like on the altra torin 2.5? Are you the same size as Brooks? Thank you

Sam Winebaum said...

I have tended to size up a half in Brooks,. For example most recently in the upcoming Launch 4. With the Torin 2.5 Altra sent me true to size 8.5. Trying them on I was also convinced they were to small due to the low feeling fairly firm front bumper, Then,.. on the run after about 10 miles all was fine. I even ran a downhill half with zero issues. It is a low snug fit over the toes but a wide one, Foot Shaped and all. Given the upper is so supportive sizing up a half should also be fine. Thanks for reading! You can also follow RoadTrailRun on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter where we publish more content. Sam

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the prompt reply. My plan is to order a couple, topo magnify and torin 2.5. Basically I am a size 13.0 asics, brooks. The Launch 2s were great Launch 3s was scrunch at little toes. My dilemma of course is no 13.5s I wanted to go to a lower drop to strengthen and use for gym.
The LRS did have Dynaflytes and those were wider/high volume like Launch 2s so those with my limited size may be my default as the all arounder. Glad I discovered your pages!

Sam Winebaum said...

Anonymous from the 13th who is in the military. Here is what I was looking for Hoka Tor Ultra. 4mm drop, Should be more supportive than the Altra. Only 17 oz.
We reviewed it last year

Unknown said...

I'm confused, did Altra skip who revision numbers? Paradigm 3.0 but no 2.5?

Really wish Altra would increase the Paradigm cushion to match the Olympus. Can't understand why their max cushion trail shoe has more cushion than their road shoe. Oh well

Σπύρος said...

What are the differences between the Escalante and the One 3.0?

Sam Winebaum said...

Escalante vs One. The main difference between One 3.0 and Escalante is that the Escalante is the new EGO midsole material, seems soft and bouncy to the touch and it has the knot upper. It weighs a bit more. As far as how they will compare on the run we expect to test soon. Thanks for Reading Road Trail Run! You can also follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Sam, Editor.

Σπύρος said...

Which of the 2 do you think is more breathable?

Sam Winebaum said...

I think the One may be more breathable,

Ash Green said...

Thank you so much for such an informative piece of information :)
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