Friday, October 28, 2016

My First Run and Initial Take on the Apple Watch Nike+ is Online at Competitor Magazine

I was lucky to receive the brand new Apple Watch Nike+ from Nike and have put it through some first paces.
With GPS on board, a brighter screen, full waterproofing, much faster processor and an OS that lets developers such as Nike tie in data from the Watch OS and other apps it is, still relatively short battery life aside, dramatically more useful on the run and as a super capable all-day wrist top companion than the original.

My deeper dive article on the Apple Watch Nike+  is over at Competitor here


Read my Competitor article on the Apple Watch Nike+ here


Ryan Schneider said...

Thanks for doing that review! Seriously considering. Just to clarify (for $400+ I want to be really sure), there is no way to have a real time display of your pace while you're running? That's only a metric you can view after your run in the Advanced setting you mention? I'd really like to see the pace while I run in real time, so I want to make sure I'm understanding correctly. Thank you!

Sam Winebaum said...

Ryan, sorry for any confusion. You can see real time pace but not average pace or current lap average pace as the app is currently implemented . I personally prefer to see average run pace and lap pace as real time pace tends to vary more as terrain and other factors come into play.