Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Beet Root Juice and Concentrate for Endurance Performance: I think it really works

I have been taking a beet root juice supplement "shot" from before races since last fall.  Some very credible science quoted in a recent Competitor article  and earlier in an article by Amby Burfoot over at Runner's World is showing that beet root juice concentrate can improve performance by up to 15%.
The Competitor article states:
"The researchers found that consuming regular beetroot juice increased blood nitrate levels and reduced resting blood pressure. More importantly, it reduced oxygen consumption during moderate- and high-intensity running and increased time to exhaustion at high intensity by 15 percent."

My experience:

  • Definitely feel the lower blood pressure. Far fewer pre race jitters. Calm.
  • Loose and ready to run at the start. Seem to have an ability to better maintain pace and react to slowing. At least for up to 20 mile distance races.
  • The Beet-it concentrate is pretty rich and nasty tasting. I take my shot 3-4 hours before a race.
Anyone else tried beet-root juice?

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