Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Race Schwag: Shave Secret - a discovery in the bottom of the bag

A bit off topic from my usual running shoes and gear but I did discover this product in a marathon race schwag bag.

All runners know the feeling of picking up your bib, t shirt, and a bag full of samples, race post cards, and instructions. Often this stuff is ignored or thrown out after a quick glance.
Well in the bottom of my bag for the St George Marathon last year I found a yellow card with a minuscule vial attached. Didn't think much of it until months later as I finally emptied the bag and actually tried the sample of Shave Secret
Great stuff. Literally 3 drops and I get a smooth, nick free shave. Super for everyday use and for travel as a tiny bottle will last for months. They claim secret natural oils do the trick and I agree.

I'll keep a closer eye on the race schwag in the future. Who knows what I might find next.

Shave Secret is available direct and at many Wal Marts.

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