Monday, December 02, 2013

Winter Gift Guide for Runners

OrangeMud Transition and Seat Wrap
Every runner can use one of these handy quick change and car seat cover OrangeMud Transition Wraps. Super soft terry towel material.  I love mine, review here. MSRP $39.95. While you are at Orange Mud check out there HydraQuiver no bounce bottle pack reviewed here.

OrangeMud Transition Wrap

Helly Hansen Warm
I received a free sample Helly Hansen Warm top at Outdoor Retailer last year and it was my go to run and ski top in the heart of last winter.
Helly Hansen Warm Odin Top
Helly Hansen has created a 2 layer fabric of hollow fabric Lifa polypropylene on the inside and merino wool on the outside with no sense that there are actually two layers. The inner layer keeps you dry and the outer wool layer keeps you warm and evaporates the moisture.  Even on relatively warm days it stayed comforatable The poly pro, unlike the Lifa of old is very stink proof. Available in many styles for men and women. Fits snug. MSRP $100.

Wool Cap
When it is not to cold for a full hat but cool enough to want to keep the head warm there is nothing like a wool cycling cap. I have the Ibex Muni Reflective Cap, $45. Made of a thin felted wool, including the brim, it provides good wind protection and wicks very well. The brim also shields a bit from winter sun. Style is a bit less run and a bit more urban cool.
Ibex Muni Reflective Cap

WildThings Custom Made to Order Jackets
Create a truly unique gift. I just posted about these custom made to order jackets for men and women at very reasonable prices. Pick fabric, colors (for shell, zippers, liner, cuffs, pockets) , add features such as hood or pocket, personalize all for $229 for the Insulight model.  Order by Dec.6 and receive in 14 days. Made in the USA.

WildThings Made to Order Jackets

UltrAspire Spry Vest
Give a gift of safety with the UltraViz Spry Race Vest , review here. High visibility and just enough carrying capacity for everyday longer runs. MSRP $55.
UltraSpire Ultra Viz Spry

Ashmei Socks and Merino Sweatshirt Full Zip Hoody

Finally some "luxe" run items where incredible quality, unique modern design, and innovative materials all come together. Ashmei is a UK company producing run clothing and accessories from "bespoke" materials, mostly merino and merino carbon blend fabrics unique and thus, bespoke or custom to Ashmei in Brit speak.

I got a 3 pack (approx. $54)  of the Trail Run socks at a review discount earlier this year. They also have a road run lighter weight models as well as short versions of both.
Ashmei Trail Socks
I have run in the socks as well as worn them literally every day use since then. They are wearing better and feel better than any sock I have ever had and have had no blisters or damp feet  and this in varied conditions from heat to cold. The Carbon fibers help move moisture better than any other element.

I also have their Merino Sweatshirt.
Ashmei Merino Sweatshirt
This $163 approx. full zip hooded sweatshirt has proved incredible versatile in varying conditions. A bit heavier than a tech shirt with a bit of stretch, smooth on the outside and a with a bit of texture to the inside,  it features a great hood, both thumb holes and a built in mitts, a hip pocket that holds a iPhone 5 with rear cord port, cord holder by the neck, small ipod or gel pocket in the rear and gripper silicone tape along the hem. Modern styling and available in men's and women's versions.
Ashmei ships to the US.

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