Thursday, November 07, 2013

Pete Larson of video tapes my run gait in super slo mo and invites you to be the analyst

I am a video star (dubious on the star part). Pete Larson editor of the very popular, and a renowned gait analysis scientist,  invited me over to his place in Concord NH  for a video gait analysis. Pete has left academia and among other things is doing gait analysis at Performance Health Spine and Sports Therapy. He has posted the videos of my running form, if you can call it that, in super slo mo... on his site, and invites analysis of my gait.... He gave me his analysis (secret for the moment)  and now is inviting that "You be the Gait Analyst." I do want to,  and think I can, run faster if I work on some things.

Here it the link to his post, complete with multiple videos of my running form. I welcome your comments.


Lisa said...

When your foot makes contact with the ground, your lower leg should at a 90 degree angle. Instead you're extending your leg, straightening your knee to make that heel strike work. It's like using your leg as a catapult. From the back view, your hips are not level and strong--there's too much motion in all kinds of directions. I would start there, strengthening your hips and inner core. The other asymmetries may be compensations for what is going on there.

Sam Winebaum said...

Thanks Lisa. I think you are right. Pete Larson also felt the hip mobility was the key issue. I must admit I am not one for the gym! Just love to run and in winter some hard nordic skate and classic ski. This said as I am getting older I need to work on hips and core, probably other things as well.