Monday, October 14, 2013

Tales from The Shoe Crypt: Circa 1980 Nike Classic Run Shoes Unearthed-Waffle Racer, Mariah, Terra TC

My friend and college team mate Scott Slater was known in the day as somewhat of a pack rat. He did not disappoint recently when during an email conversation with a number of old Dartmouth runners he disclosed he had stored away a number of circa 1980 or so Nike classic shoes, some brand new,  never worn.

Here is his collection of classics. They are oh so close to what today passes for "minimal" shoes:

Nike Mariah 

Nike Terra TC
I wrote about the Terra TC here in a post about classic 70's and 80's running shoes.
Nike Track Spikes

The famous Nike Waffle Racer
Ever run in these? Your recollections of how they felt? Race memories?


Anonymous said...

Sam: Scott was my teammate in college. These are the shoes that Scott reserved for the "morning runs" that separated those who wanted it from the rest. Thus, their pristine condition. RPA

Sam Winebaum said...

Ah the Rip Road morning runs. Always scenic and always brutal. I had a hard enough time tying my shoes and had no special shoes or even matching shoes at that time of the morning. Very glad Scott "reserved" his morning run shoes for posterity.

BryantSF said...

The "Skylon" is the Terra TC. Great shoe!

Sam Winebaum said...

Thanks BryantSF. Wasn't quite sure it was the Terra TC. Upper colors matched but midsole looked different from what I remember. Will correct caption