Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Brooks PureFlow: Different Race Recovery

Ran the Seacoast Half Marathon (NH) this past Sunday. What a great race and course along the scenic and historic NH coast. $75,000 donated to Seacoast Big Brother Big Sister.

I was pleased with how I felt and my time: 1:39.29. My first road race since Boston. If only I had another month of speed work and tempo before the snow flies....

I have been running roads exclusively in the Brooks PureFlow for the last month or so. My initial review here.

Usually after a half I have sore quads and hamstrings. Interestingly, the only thing sore 2 days after the race, the joints in my feet, especially toes. I may have had them laced a little tight on one foot.

It will be a speedy recovery. All of my  recoveries from harder workouts have been shorter since I started running the PureFlow.  I am guessing I was on my mid foot and off my heels during the race and thus impact forces were greater on my feet. This is what many have said will occur as you get on the mid foot. What makes the PureFlow different from other low drop shoes is that I find it easy for me to stay on the mid foot. While I was not as fast as I hoped, I sure felt smooth and aligned until the last very tough uphill and rolling mile. That is where nothing other than some longer tempo run and hill intervals would have helped me!

Update: 3 days after the half did 6 miles of brisk tempo. Felt totally fresh and fast.

Anyone else experiencing similar with the PureFlow?

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