Thursday, August 25, 2011

Who Says Minimalist Running Shoes are New

A couple of pictures from my high school days, circa 1974-1975.
Mount Washington Road Race-Halfway House ( I am at right cheering something). Click to enlarge.

The weather was so bad, the road so muddy, on Mt Washington that day that they stopped cars at the halfway house and we had to run down from the top in the storm. I was sporting Onitsuka Tiger Marathons, less than 1/2" of midsole and outer sole in one piece. Nylon uppers. The classic 1970's race shoe. The founders of Nike were originally the Tiger distributors in the US. Not sure why I am so fired up in the pic with the grind to come. Did finish 7th overall that day in 1:13 so being pumped at this point was a good sign!

Portsmouth NH 10 miler

My grandfather George on the right just gave me water. I remember a very hot day and fast times, I think 54 minutes for a few tenths less than 10.  I believe my brother Jake is on the bike and my dad took the picture.  Again the trusty Tigers got me to the finish. Wore them to race roads, cross country, and mountains. Not sure I ever dared a marathon in them.

Today with older legs I might just wear them to run on the grass!

At the link from Running Past a picture of Tiger Marathons as worn by Jim Fixx on the cover of his famous book: "The Complete Book of Running". While my school colors were red I remember always having  the blue version. 

Red Onitsuka Tiger Marathons (

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unknown said...

Who says minimalist running shoes are new . I don't think so that this could be better. I always buy new shoes for me because i love walking. I want to make a example in people and still i just hope that i become successfull in it.