Friday, February 01, 2008

OR-Enlyten Electrolyte Strips

One of the most intriguing and smallest products at OR were Enlyten Sports Strips. I prefer to drink water on the run but know I need electrolytes especially on a long hot run. I really like the portability.

Enlyten Strips are very small,  dissolvable strips you place between your cheek  and gum. Enlyten sponsored research  claims  electrolytes are thought to get into the blood stream faster through the buccal area (5 minutes) than through the gastric and intestinal channel (30 minutes). Great to stop fast on coming cramps. 

 3-6 strips before your workout and then 2-4 per hour during exercise, then 3-6 post exercise. They are tasty and dissolve within about a minute or so. Robert Radoff, the National Sales Manager explained that his somewhat slower (than say a Listerine strip) dissolve insures the electrolytes have a chance to be absorbed and not wasted.

The strips are in use by several NFL teams as well numerous college and high school teams.

Word of caution. A fresh cassette is packed tight so if you plan to use during a race make sure you consume the first 3 or 4 before the race. 

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