Thursday, March 30, 2006

Kitchen Appliances Buck the Trend

The kitchen and kitchen appliances is one of the fewer consumer product categories where according to Damon Darlin in the New York Times Business Section style, new features and bragging rights "Buck the trend and cost more". The trend being the lower costs of consumer electronics such as laptops with dramatically improved functionality over the last 10 years at far lower prices.
Why? In a post 9/11 world the home and especially the kitchen is the center of family activity and socializing . Combine this with the promise of high tech electronic ovens to help conquer the fear of messing up the Thanksgiving turkey and infinite special purpose and very effective gadgets to save time, another precious commodity in an era of long commutes to big homes in the suburbs.
Kitchen Contraptions is a fun blog gathering together many of those neat gadgets we just can't live without...

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