Wednesday, February 08, 2006

OllyDog- Outdoor Retailer Show

is a Berkeley based start-up launched by former North Face and Sierra Designs folks focused on colorful, fun and functional "equipment" for outdoor dogs. They know rugged materials and have applied them to dog products. I joined them in their booth as one of their advisors is a Dartmouth friend.

Their products include a great folding (flat like a wallet) dog bowl the Lapper for your dog travels in all kinds of neat colors and patterns using super rugged pack cloth. It actually stays up even with no or little water. And, as was demonstrated at the show put a 6 pack and some ice and you have an instant beer cooler.

They offer a series of very colorful collars which are rugged but smooth, not the usual frayable webbing.

Their doggy beds looked very comfortable with many of the dogs at the show taking a rest at the booth in the beds. They have a sling bag for the morning walk with the pooch and then all day use. The "cell phone" pocket included a pass through port to pull out one of those blue bags for you know what...

Finally, their dog toys which included a very rugged fabric covered bone and a frisbee were put to good use right there in the booth.

Ollydog is a fun dynamic company which is working the growing niche of families and baby boomers, and empty nesters with dogs.

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