Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Salomon Sense Ride 3 Video Review with Comparisons to Sense Ride 2

Article by Sam Winebaum

Salomon Sense Ride 3 ($130)

Estimated Weight: 10.6 oz /300 g men's US9
Sample Weight: 10.33 oz / 293 g men's US8.5
Stack Height: 27mm heel / 19 mm forefoot, 8mm drop
Spring 2020. $130

The Sense Ride gets a new OptiVibe midsole made up of a highly shock and vibration absorbing heel insert embedded within an Olefin Dow Infuse main midsole. The ProFeel flexible rock protection is segmented and increased at the very front of the toe box. Rear raised midsole sidewalls and a more supportive upper deliver a more protective, cushioned and supportive all around trail runner than its predecessor which for me was an outstanding trail road hybrid. The changes come at a weight cost with the Sense Ride 3 now 1.2 oz / 36 g heavier than the Sense Ride 2.  

The video below details the shoe, compares to the Sense Ride 2 and upcoming Sonic 3 Balance and takes the shoe on the trails in Park City, UT.

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Xavier said...

Interesting development for this shoe, but looks like further direction aimed at accommodating to a wider range of runners. The increased weight and "artificial" support doesn't entice me as a runner focused on a more natural approach, and the drop is still too high. The gtx version is going to add even more weight.

I dont always want to use an s/lab product but I mainly do because of the lower drop and weight.

Bobcat said...

Sounds like the Sense Pro 4 (255g 4mm drop) will suit you better.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a lot of changes that just makes me even further wish for a return to the original Sense Pro.

Really wish they would make a light weight 6mm drop shoe again. Something between the super light and low cushioned SLAB shoes and heavier high drop shoes.

Ante said...

Sense ride 3 is getting closer to the brands best selling Speedcross 5? The later is a little heavier and have deeper lugs. Would be great to hear your view on the lineup Supercross, sense ride, speedcross!

The Stoat said...

I agree. Something with more cushion than their slab sense but with a lower drop - 4mm would be perfect 😁. They have so many similar shoes all running at 8mm drop which is just too much for some.

Sam Winebaum said...

Hi Ante,
A great comment. In no way SR 3 getting "close" to SC5 a shoe with very deep (2s) lugs and a blocky heel great for sloppy terrain and not that much else. SuperCross gets closer, Big lugs for soft ground, softer midsole, smoother to run more moderate stuff even roads but not quite the locked down upper or stability of the SR3. All are distinct choices but for now... none are really the road trail hybrid SR 2 was.
Sam, Editor