Monday, March 18, 2019

Nike Air Zoom Terra Kiger 5 Initial Video Review

Video by Sam Winebaum

Watch our initial review of the Nike Air Zoom Terra Kiger 5. It releases April 1st, 2019.
Update: Read our full written multi-tester review here

The product reviewed was provided at no cost. The opinions herein are entirely the author's.
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  1. That video made me salivate.

  2. Chris, for sure yes true to size 8.5. Wider up front.
    Sam, Editor

  3. Review teaser? Not nice. ;-) Can I get one more spec? Same 20mm-24mm stack as the 3/4?

  4. Sorry Anonymous. Nike usually provides minimal stats and press materials I got had none beyond weight which I confirmed. They did tell me at The Running Event that they have a 4mm drop. I assume same approximate stack.
    Sam, Editor

  5. Hmm. Looks like the switched the regular swoosh for the "drop" swoosh that they have on their road models now. I can't say I like it overly much cosmetically, otherwise... still super pumped to give these a shot.

  6. Sam...thoughts on carbon plates in trail shoes? I like the zoom fly fk not because of react but the plate. The epic react in comparison feels slow and hard.

    Wonder how it would help? Or is stack too low?

  7. Sorry to be off topic, but I have fallen in love with the HyperBurst in the Razor 3. Do you have any knowledge if Skechers plans to bring that to a trail shoe? Also any idea of the Speed Elite Hyper (HyperBurst with Carbon) will come to the masses?

  8. Michael,
    See here Speed Elite expected this fall:
    As far as trail with Hyper stay tuned.
    Sam, Editor

  9. Just google "skechers speed trail prm" has a preview.

  10. I've done approx 330km in my Kiger v4 and i've got to say from around 250km onwards its been a quick slide to them being completely flat and dead. My feet really suffer if i ever switch back to them.
    Noted they were/are really comfortable in the upper, i love that side of them.
    But 300km is a little too early in my books.

    Maybe the React will help there....

  11. I ran in the Kiger 4's for one run. I tested them out on a technical trail in Austin which were perfect conditions for indicating whether or not a trail shoe will run sloppy for me. They did not pass the test and I hope by the looks of this one, Nike worked on the foot hold. And the out sole was a no no on anything remotely wet unless I wanted to break a wrist. That being said, I don't want to sound negative. I want a trail shoe to work and certainly have hopes for the 5.

  12. Available on nike's website. Ordered a pair, and hoping for good things!

  13. Ordered the black pair thursday night after reading this article and checking Only Red and Black pair were showing. Blue/Pink/white yellow color way was not showing. not a big loss.

    Friday morning TK5 were no longer on nike site. Guessing someone published the shoe early.

    But still got them Saturday.

    So far walking around the house they feel comfortable, no pressure points ... yet

    Seems to have an internal sock liner AND a internal wrap from the laces into the base of the shoe.

    Heel hugs tightly since it has lots of padding.

    Heel height is not too bad, seems a little higher than i'd hoped. But drop is pretty good - think its 4mm ... only guessing since it does says "4" on the bottom of sole.

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.


  15. Thanks Sam! Any early indicator that they’ll be “longer distance” than the V4 or made for the sane range with the WH5 still being their “ultra shoe”?

  16. Hi Chris,
    Same size for sure. Fit is a little broader in the toe box because the overlay is more pliable. I also note less pressure, but maybe a touch less instep support from removal of 2 flywires.
    Hi Anonymous,
    Thanks for commenting. Drop of Kiger 5 is 4mm as before. As explained in the video there is a bootie plus another bootie to tie into laces.
    Our full review will post very soon.
    Sam, Editor

  17. Sam...any comments on rear foot stability compared to previous Kigers. Forefoot was always nice and wide and stable on previous kigers but heel stability lacked for me...long trail runs left my inner ankles sore. Any more stability in the Kiger 5. Thanks, JT

  18. HI JT,
    Stay tuned for our full multi tester review posting by 3/27. It's complicated as to rear stability. Two of us including me felt it was just fine, for me iand mproved and one of us thought it had regressed. We now have a full substantial heel counter but a narrower pointer rear landing. The preference may depend in part if you are a heel striker (me) vs forefoot striker and also pace.
    Sam, Editor


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